Why You Need a Copywriter

You are a professional.


You have worked hard to get where you are, applying dozens of tips and tricks along the way to increase your productiveness and efficiency. You have also learned a few “secrets” that allow you to do things that the Average Joe can’t get done.


But, when it comes to other things, you trust another professional.                                     


You have them do your taxes, your real estate transactions, your insurance, your medical needs, and more. It is seldom a case where you couldn’t learn how to do those things; it’s a case of time and money. It’s cheaper to pay the professional than to take the time from what you do best to learn the information you need.


I’m the same way. I pay an expert to do things right the first time. I don’t change spark plugs or take out my own appendix. I don’t grow my own beef or lay my own carpet. I let the experts do that. I let them do the learning so I don’t have to.


What I do is this: I write web copy for businesses that want to increase their online efficiency and effectiveness in visitors, opt-ins, and sales. I help them make more money with the same amount of time and effort on their part. I have done the learning so they don’t have to.


Your Website is An Employee. Is it Doing Its Job?


Which brings us to your website. Did you know there are now approximately 861,379,000 different websites in the world? Over three-quarters of a billion.


And every one of them, (as does yours) has a single purpose: to move people to some kind of action that produces revenue.


It might be anything from “buy this widget” to “call for an appointment,” but if your visitor can’t find your site, or doesn’t act when he gets there, it hasn’t done its job. Your website is worthless to your business if it doesn’t move people to a desired action.


The same is true with your emails, newsletters, and other avenues of communication.


Get them right, and you will make more money with the same amount of time and effort. Get them wrong, and you flush money down the toilet. Pretty designs may help, but if no one can find it, or the words don’t move someone to action, the web site is an expense.


A website which doesn’t at least attempt to move someone to a desired action is like an employee who sits in the break room all day and does nothing but drink coffee and eat company supplied doughnuts. It is a liability instead of an asset.


Do you treat your website like an employee? Do you demand that it do its job?


Or do you just leave it alone and hope sooner or later someone will come along and figure out how to become a customer?


The truth is, if it isn't creating sales, it's costing you money Is your website a bad employee? Is it full of words with no purpose? Is it informative but not moving?


Your website is costing you money if:


  • People can’t find it among the other three quarters of a billion sites

  • They can’t find what they are looking for once they get there

  • It doesn’t have useful content, whether they buy or not

  • It doesn’t capture contact information from visitors

  • It doesn’t move people to action


Your doctor calls what he does a “practice.”


You don't have the time to practice. You have to get it right the first time, and that includes your web copy, brochures, marketing emails, and even your personal correspondence.


Just like in your business, there are dozens of crucial "secrets" to writing good copy. Most people don’t realize that small things can make the difference between good copy and not so good.


A word here, a word there. Having your message in the wrong order. Highlighting too many words or the wrong words. Copy that doesn’t flow. It takes years to learn them, more time than you have.


I write. I have written ten books, and numerous articles and speeches. In the process, I have strung together well over a million words. Not one of them was there just to take up space or time.


Whether it was to help someone understand something, or get someone to click on a link or just to tell a story, each word had to have meaning and purpose.


That’s what I bring to the table. Writing that gets it done. Words that move people to action.


It Costs Nothing To Find Out


I would like to offer you a no-cost, no-obligation website audit. I will spend up to 45 minutes of my time evaluating everything about your website or other correspondence you have with your customers, and give you a short summary of what I find.


If it’s great, I will tell you it’s great. If it’s not so great, I will point out what things you might be able to do to improve its effectiveness.


Take advantage of this limited time offer. Let’s make sure you are getting the most out of your words. Get your website up off its coffee break.


If you do respond, if you are moved to action, then you will already know I can write effective copy for you. If you don’t, then you will believe that I can’t. Either way, you win. Call or email me now.








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