One of the first challenges when starting any endeavor is beginning to assemble just what it is you need to know to do the endeavor successfully. The second challenge is determining if you really want to do it, or even if you are physically and financially able to do it.

So You Want to be a Dog Breeder? will serve as a guide to help you decide IF you really want to breed dogs, and if the answer is yes, as a guide to getting started.

From deciding for sure if you want to do this business, to choosing the correct breed, managing your records, ethical decisions you will have to make, and much more, this book leaves nothing to chance. It is chock full of decisions you WILL have to make, whether now or later. It is a must for anyone who is considering this rewarding business.



So You Want to be a

Dog Breeder?

What's Next?





Knowing What You Need to Know


One of the first challenges when starting any endeavor is beginning to assemble just what it is you need to know to do the endeavor successfully. This is usually a three step process: finding out what it is you need to know, finding out where to find that information, and learning that information well enough to apply it to your endeavor.

The dog business is no different. The most costly thing you can do is to see a dog you like, decide on a whim that you would like to breed them, and go in search for someone with puppies. It is far more complicated than that. Every breed is different. Every dog is different. Every set of potential customers is different.

If you just jump right in without doing a lot of research, you are going to spend far more time and money correcting all of the “I wish I had known that earlier” mistakes you make than you will if you do the research first. This is not an opinion. It’s a fact. The details of what you will end up knowing would fill and encyclopedia, and no one can predict all of that for you.

So, a little about this guide and why it was written.

First, let’s say what this guide is not. It is not meant either to encourage you or discourage you from entering the dog business. It’s is not meant as a comprehensive guide. It contains things you are going to have to do, but not the specifics of how to do them. For instance, one of the things you will have to decide is how to manage your finances. We will mention that Quickbooks is one of the great options you have, but won't attempt to go through all that is involved in learning the program.

It is not breed specific. You can’t do a guide for Labrador Retrievers and Chihuahuas. Everything about them is different on the specifics level.

Lastly, this guide is not an advertisement to get you to buy a bunch of stuff and pad our pockets with affiliate money. It will tell you what we do in some instances, and why we believe what it is that we do is a great way to do things, but you won’t find a bunch of click here links. The appendix at the end will have some links to products we use and sites we refer to regularly.

What the guide will do is point out to you a practical and effective path toward becoming a successful breeder. It will guide you through the maze of things that will ultimately come up for you, and wave the wand at some warning lights.

The decisions brought up here are decisions that will be made. Your choice is whether you make them in the context of your whole business, or whether they get made for you because of prior decisions you made.  Not making these decisions is a decision in itself, and one that will harm your business.

I don’t really expect anyone to go through all of the research necessary for things to be perfect. What I hope is that you will know ahead of time some of the things that are coming your way, and you won’t end up getting blindsided or surprised when a decision has to be made.