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Prospect With the $1000 Box

Prospecting is an area, perhaps more than any other area, where your attitude about something can change your results.

When I was a sales trainer, in a business that paid well for sales, but had about a 1 in 50 chance of making a sale to any particular person, I taught this:

You have to start each day imagining that the world has put 50 boxes in front of you. In one box is $1000. You don't know which box it is. It might be the first, and it might be the last. It might be the 8th, or the 48th. The point is, you also don't know which one it will be. And, to complicate matters, all of the boxes do not look the same. There are big ones, little ones, pretty ones and not so pretty ones. They are all colors, shapes, sizes, and conditions. All you know is that there is $1000 in one of them.

The only rule of the game is that in order to play tomorrow, you have to open all of today's packages today. If you only open 5 today, you have to open 95 tomorrow to keep playing.

Your answer to this question will tell you why you are at the level of success you currently have: How many boxes would you open today?

Here's what happens. A few people find the $1000 in the first few boxes. They then think to themselves this is really easy, and take the rest of the day off. A few people give up if they don't find the money in the first 10 boxes, or 20, or 40.

Some quit permanently because it's too hard, and some come back tomorrow only to find that they have WAY more boxes to sort through. Some find the money on box 100. They look back at their day, and see both how hard they worked, and what the reward was. They play again tomorrow. In my experience, these people all had one thing in common: they determined at the beginning of the day that they were going to open all 50 boxes. The $1000 was not their goal, opening 50 boxes was.

Honestly now, without raising hands, which are you? Which do you want to be? More importantly, which WILL you be today, and tomorrow, and next week?

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