Would you work for marketing agencies and/or web designers?

Sure. We do different things. I am not a graphic designer. I am a writer. They have their specialty and I have mine.


I already have something written – can you just touch it up?

Proofreading and editing is something I do. I can make sure that everything you send out is as effective as it can be.


Regarding my website – can you help me figure out what pages to have and which ones are not necessary?

I can help you with the content of the entire site, and make some suggestions about any re-organization that might help it do its job better.


What if I don’t like what you write? Will you rewrite it?

Huh? (Just kidding). The first draft is seldom perfect no matter who does it. My contract allows for two editing requests.


Do I need to pay a deposit? And do you take credit cards?

Yes and yes. I am paid 50% before starting and the rest at completion. I accept various types of payment, including credit cards and PayPal.


How long do you take to do a project?

That's kind of like asking how long it takes to walk from here to there. It depends on where both "here" and "there" are. Depending upon the amount and type of work you want done, I will give you a fairly accurate time frame for each stage of the work.


Who owns the writing you do?

I do until the final payment is made. After that, it's yours.



We don't have an FAQ – can you make me one?

Yes, although it's not something I specialize in.