When I was young, I watched every episode of every western on television. I went to every movie that was a western. I read every book I could find that had a horse or a cowboy on it.


I love westerns for several reasons, but the primary reason is that in a western, the characters and the plot have to carry the story. There is no sex, no graphic violence, and no profanity beyond "Dang!" People are held responsible for their own actions, children are raised by their parents, and diffences are always settled one way or the other.


My first western began with the line, "Even if I could talk, I'd still be pretty average." That line eventually became the five books of the Stinson family. Then, I wanted to try my hand at some classic old west stories, and then some that encompassed the Civil War. Along the way, just for fun, I branched into Dime Novels, those outrageous stories that spawned characters like Buffalo Bill and others.


You will find that under each heading is a list of the books for that section. If you click on one of the books, it takes you to a page where you can read the first section of the book to see if it's something you would like. If you do, you can get them all on Amazon.


Lastly, if you have some comments or questions, I would be happy to hear them and to respond if requested.